Why it Works!

We don’t just TELL you what to do. We TEACH you how and why.

It’s NOT just
another “DIET”

Our programme is based on modern health science and real human studies showing results. We bundle the methods and findings of this research and put them into a simple-to-follow framework.

The result? A set of lifestyle guidelines you take with you forever, so you always know how to manage your weight and health with ease. Giving you the confidence to make choices for you and your family, knowing they are backed up and correct.

Why it WORKS

Ultimately, 4 Wheels of Health is a holistic health program designed to fix the core functioning of your body’s biochemistry, your metabolism.

Results don’t last long without understanding. This is why our program doesn’t just teach you WHAT to do, but WHY you do it. Knowing why allows you to justify your choices based on modern science and gives you more motivation knowing it will work and how it does so.

4 wheels of health lifestyle guidelines results
4 wheels of health lifestyle guidelines food


Food is the most obvious of the 4 Wheels of Health; it’s what we use to fuel our bodies and minds. Everything we are, everything we do, and everything we think and feel are influenced by food.
But food preparation is a chore, and the option to fuel ourselves with something easy rather than nutritious often leads us towards poor-quality alternatives. We change this by making the healthy food choice easy, with simple, tasty meals too good not to choose.

4 wheels of health lifestyle guidelines sleep


Sleep is closely connected to many of your body’s vital functions. These include managing hunger, hormone levels, blood sugar levels, brain activity, emotional control, muscle function, and even how much body fat you store. Considering these functions’ influence on your daily life, you can see why good quality sleep is essential for proper body function.

4 wheels of health lifestyle guidelines gut health

Gut Health

Our bodies are walking cities packed with populations of micro-organisms. Several factors can dictate whether this population comprises beneficial “Good Bacteria” or detrimental “Bad Bacteria”.
Good bacteria help with digestion, support your immune functions and control inflammation. In contrast, Bad Bacteria can cause digestive issues, bloating, pain, more severe health problems, and even mental issues.

4 wheels of health lifestyle guidelines timed restricted eating

Timed Restricted Eating

Like every part of your body, your digestive system needs time for repair and maintenance. This was not a problem for our ancestors, whose access to food was limited, but modern life has made it too easy for us to graze all day. By restricting your eating to a set window of time, we give our digestive tract the time it needs to keep itself healthy, so it can keep us healthy.


The last and most essential part of our programs is – our community.

Taking control of your health and improving your quality of life is excellent, but often we do better together. This is why we run the programs as a highly interactive community. This has been found to motivate more results, enhance support, and even make friends! We really are like a big family by the end of each program.

4 wheels of health lifestyle guidelines community

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