The fastest and easiest way to weight loss is NOT on a treadmill or in a spin class…

Abs are made in the kitchen – that’s just how it is.

You can exercise all you want and slog it out on the treadmill or in HIIT classes and still struggle to see results with weight loss. Good news – there IS an easier way and without all the intense effort.


Well that’s because it’s easier to not eat a burger than to run off the energy equivalent, which is 5 hours!

We live in abundance and it’s far too easy to put on weight.

The human body is extremely efficient with energy intake. Afterall, that’s how our ancestors survived; by being able to store what little food we could find in the wild as body fat. We conserve energy as best we can, it’s in our biology.

For example, it takes 80 minutes of running to burn off a can of fizzy drink or bag of chips, 2 hours to burn off a chocolate snack bar, and 13 hours for a pint of icecream!

It’s clear that we now live in abundance, and it’s far too easy to put weight on.

So now when we have a meal which is more often than not quite energy dense… we put on the pounds very fast.

Even through exercise we remain efficient.

It takes many hours in the gym or out on a hike to burn off what we eat, so to put yourself in an energy deficit through exercise while eating the same is quite hard to do.

Not to mention the fact that what we eat nowadays and what is readily available to us (and very addictive) causes our hunger and energy storage hormones to get out of balance. This means that even when we ARE exercising, our hormones will be acting as a block to our weight loss. If the messengers in the body are saying “store energy” then the messengers saying “use body stores” are blocked out. This makes exercise a slow and hard grind in order to lose weight.

Where as if we use the structure of simply altering your nutrition and hormones, weight loss comes much faster and more easily. In this case, exercise would increase results, but it is not actually required!

It seems too good to be true and goes in the face of all the conventional methods we see on TV or posted around the internet.

It does however make perfect biological sense.

By controlling our hunger and energy storage hormones (Leptin, Ghrelin, Insulin, and glucagon – to name a few), we can literally TELL our body what we want it to do. Lose, or gain weight.

This is a strong focus in our group programs as although we recommend exercise, it is by no means needed or pushed to anyone taking part. We instead set our sights on the science of our biology and taking the easiest possible route to success.

You could say it’s the most efficient method of weight loss that we are aware of today – thanks to modern health science.

If you’re after losing a few pounds, or a lot, and you’re not a big fan of exercise; you might as well take the path of least resistance rather than fighting uphill.

So what are you waiting for! Jump onto one of our courses and LEARN how to do all the right things without exercise to achieve and stay at your goal weight long term.

We’ve done it with so many people already – time to start your journey too!