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Ro is 14+ kilos lighter and living her best life!

Dec 13, 2022

Sean and Simon, I can’t thank you enough for the “4 Wheels of Health” Programme – it is GENIUS!

It has been an incredible journey with you both and the members of our Group. A huge thank you to everyone for sharing – it has been an enormous learning experience and one that I have enjoyed immensely.

I have not weighed myself during the programme at all (no scales at home helps). I have been guided by the difference in myself, not only in my loose clothing but my overall appearance and how I am feeling!! Which I have to say I am feeling like a 30 year old except for the osteo arthritis in my knee (which I am sure the weight loss will help)!

My sleeping patterns and regime have improved out of sight.

I don’t work till midnight any more. I have put the kindle in the drawer for now and gone back to reading an actual book and my eating habits have been turned over completely! No more late night snacks!

Fasting .. I have not fasted in all the 61 years of my life .. EVER!!! But I am a huge believer in it since being on the programme. On my first fast I lasted 18.26 hours with the shakes and low blood pressure, however I was not alone and with everyone’s support realised that I had done ok for my first time. My second fast I got to the full 24 hours and was over the moon with how much easier it was. I am loving the fast regime and understand how it is helping my gut. I plan my fast around my weekend and what I have on. Usually I start on a Friday afternoon after lunch and have been able to increase my fast past the 24 hours.. OMG really? Who would have ever thought.

RTF (restricted time for feeding) is just so good. My gut is certainly saying that it is happier. I manage my timing around my work day. Often breakfast is 10am with a healthy omelette, or overnight oats and then lunch is homemade soup and dinner a mix of protein with a huge focus on vegetables. And no more snacks after RTF. That is a habit that I did not think I would break but I have done it! I did have to empty my pantry and fridge though as I have zero willpower. Being out and about was not easy in the first week, so I hibernated until I was strong enough to walk past a coffee shop and not have to buy that coffee.

I have not had any biscuits, chocolate, milk, coffee and alcohol (the list is long) for 4 weeks and have not missed any of these foods. OMG I never thought I would say that!! Plus the learning of different types of cooking oils, how milk is not good for us, to understanding the nutrition info on food labels to new recipes from the group .. the list goes on. I RATE THIS PROGRAMME 100%

Simon, sadly you had to go through a decline in health to receive that wake up call – you are not alone there. Many of us are and have been in the same situation. Your energy and passion, tips and kick in the pants when we needed it has been invaluable. Creating this programme is helping so many people. I look forward to meeting you at the Food Show in Auckland this month. I am making a special trip up from Queenstown to personally meet you and give you a THANK YOU HUG

Sean your passion and knowledge is second to none. You have been so helpful in sharing your incredible knowledge in health and nutrition! You have explained things to us in a way that it all makes sense. Some of it so basic, which is what we needed and as the 4 weeks have progressed you have instilled so much information that there is no way I want to return to the old Ro. The time you have spent in replying to our personal messages, and Facebook messages has encouraged us all to continue in the journey of better health. Keep learning and sharing .. you are my “WELLME” expert!

THANK YOU for helping me and so many others to take this monumental step to better health and wellbeing. It is never to late to improve your health, whatever your age or weight. Take the 4 week journey – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

The word is spreading and I have been sharing my experience with my colleagues, family and friends. The friendships built over the past 4 weeks with everyone has been so encouraging. AND I have signed up for the next programme as I am sure that there will be points that I have forgotten and the programme will keep me in line. I look forward to sharing my experiences, tips and recipes with everyone and continue the journey to better health.

Rowena Richards

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