I am signing up for the next programme, not because I need to lose more weight but because the support and sharing of knowledge and experiences is well worth an extended journey. I can’t wait.

Iris is GLOWING – hear her story!

Dec 13, 2022

I absolutely loved this journey and being part of the four weeks family. I can’t rave enough about the benefits and how it has changed my life.

Weight loss is only a small part of the whole experience. The support of the fellow 4 wheelers via the facebook group and the information Simon Gault and Sean Robinson pass on with daily life feeds have taught me so much. All about the body and how your gut works, stress and the Glycaemic Index, sleep and how to improve this, how some food alters for the better if cooked, cooled and reheated.

I’ve been eating solids for 62 years, blindly with no understanding or regard of what my gut was putting up with. The snack box at work was my go to when the 4 o’clock munchies needed their fix. Now I don’t even get these munchies and have no need to have a relationship with the snack box. Now eating has become a real pleasure rather than a quick fix with poor choices.

My husband and I joined together. Our combined weight loss is nearing 20 kilos all in the 4 weeks! We no longer hug huge tummies when cuddling LOL. His blood pressure has dropped so close to normal that he needs to go back to his doctor and have his medication re- evaluated. I can’t wait to see how his cholesterol level has altered. Plus….. a real personal win ……..I no longer snore……. (Yes I was one of those women). We also have so much more energy and feel great…. feel great? actually I feel fantastic. Such wins!

4 wheels of health really is the best investment in our health we have ever made.

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