Thanks to Simon, Sean and all the other participants for knowledge, support, empathy and belief that we can do it.

Bron is on fire with amazing results!

Dec 13, 2022

The 4 Wheels program has given me the knowledge of how to feed and work my body for optimal results and hence given me control of my own destiny. In my 4 week program I have lost 9.4 kg and cm’s in measurements. I am so excited to continue with what I have learnt and have now taken by goal down by a further 10 kg as I know I can do it.

Knowledge=Confidence=Results=Belief=Passion. And that is passion for life in general.
Photo in blue dress was 2 years ago, photo in white top was at the start of the program (as I lost 10kg but stall) and photo with green top is me now after a 9.4 kg loss.

Would love to be inspired by the next group and show how much progress can be made by our current group by another month’s timeframe.

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