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This is a science-based 8-week health education course emphasising community and heart.

Join Chef Simon Gault and Nutritionist Sean Robertson as they combine their drive and passion towards a healthier New Zealand.

Participants will receive the 4 Wheels of Health framework, which will act as a reference and go-to guide about sensible and thoroughly enjoyable Nutrition, Gut Health, Sleep, and Timed Eating. These are a simple-to-follow set of guidelines that includes an assortment of delicious recipes to get you started.

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It’s NOT just
another “DIET”

Food is an essential part of the 4 Wheels of Health education programme, but it’s not the whole programme.

The problem with old-fashioned “diets” is that they are not appealing or sustainable. If they were, we’d all be on them!

We are not about simply restricting your calorie intake by making you eat lettuce and water for a month. We have no crazy detox shakes or lemon cleanses. No one wants to live like that. We want you to change your eating habits by introducing foods you like!

Why it WORKS

Most health education programs will have a structure that sees the human body as a robot; energy in, energy out. We are more complex than that and require a framework guideline around our health that addresses this.

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Food provides fuel and the building materials for your body to function and maintain itself. Poor food choices mean poor function and sub-par repairs. We make food easy and nutritious to give your body the supplies it needs.

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Gut Health

Feeling sluggish? Bloated? Lacking energy or just feeling low? There is a high chance you are feeding the wrong bacteria in your gut biome. Learn to nurture the good bacteria so they can nurture you.

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Timed Eating

Give your digestive tract a break! It needs time off, just like the rest of you! We show you how to balance your eating regime to ensure your body has time to heal between meals.

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Sleep is critical to the proper function of your body and mind. How often have you thought you could get by with “just enough” sleep? We teach you how vital good sleep is and how best to achieve it.



Simon Gault, the legendary chef, turned health enthusiast, is paired with expert Nutritionist Sean Robertson.

They are taking the science of health and well-being to the world. Inspired by their health journeys, Simon and Sean create extraordinary outcomes for anyone wanting long-term positive change.

Simon Gault

Chef & Food Celebrity

Sean Robertson

Nutritionist & Health Guru

“The power of this programme is in the mentoring from Simon & Sean, the intimacy and support of a growing 4 wheels community and the simplicity of the key principles of metabolic & nutritional health.”

Paul H

“The structure of the programme made sense, I was determined and unlike in the past my husband and I started to see results fairly quickly which was extremely motivational. I lost 6.4 kilos in the first four weeks and 16 kilos in sixteen weeks. “

Kylie B

“It has been an incredible journey with you both and the members of our Group. A huge thank you to everyone for sharing – it has been an enormous learning experience and one that I have enjoyed immensely.”

Rowena R